PR Communication Review


                I thought my final class blog for my PR communication blog would be perfect for a review of one of my favorite classes. We had so much creative freedom in this class and that was one of the things that made it the most frustrating but the most beneficial class ever. We learned so many different methods of writing that I know we will all use in our very near professional futures. I feel confident that I now know how to utilize all the different writing methods that would make me a great PR professional.

I’m confident after all of our assignments in this class that writing for clients in the future will be a pretty easy transition. One of my favorite parts of this class was that we were able to write for real clients and do real work that most of the clients actually used or implemented. The fact that our final project was using real information and working to help benefit our client in the future really motivated everyone to think outside of the box and come up with some great ideas.

Another aspect of this class besides the actual instruction of it, are the connections and friends I made with my classmates. I feel like this group of people is going to go very far in the PR world and I am glad to have each and every one of them in my network. We have gotten so close through our beginning steps into the real world together that everyone would do anything to help each other if assistance is ever needed in the future. Working in our groups for our final project really helped give us all a feel of how it works in the professional world as well.

I am blessed to have taken this class and learned all that I have in my final semester at UNT. I hope to only make my instructor as well as Mayborn School of Journalism proud in my PR endeavors in the future.


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