Before I start my blog on how prominent social media is in today’s society, let me take a quick selfie.


If you didn’t already know, a “selfie” is a picture of you taken by you, usually by extending your arm and snapping the picture. The selfies that people take of themselves usually get sent to friends or family on various social media platforms. Specifically, Snapchat and Instagram, these are the two social networking platforms that usually get the most selfie postings.

Posting selfies/sending selfies to friends has become such a daily habit for so many people in the world that a song was made of the epidemic. A DJ duo out of New York City, named The Chainsmokers, came out with their dance floor anthem #Selfie in January of this year.

The song itself has a techno, electronic beat and the only lyrics that are present in the song are spoken. The spoken lyrics are mostly making fun of how girls act in club/bar scenes, taking selfies, picking filters to make themselves look better, talking about boys and talking bad about other girls in the bar. Many people say that this song is the demise of this generation while others see it as one of the most hilarious songs ever by depicting the act of taking selfies that is so near and dear to many of us.

Another thing that The Chainsmokers did in their music video that I see was so brilliant and fitting was to include social media celebrities like Nash Grier (Vine) and Acacia Brinley (Instagram). Putting these people in the music video just illustrates the point of just how powerful and prominent social media is in our society, you can be so popular on a social media platform that the world would recognize you in a music video. The power social media has in today’s society is just outstanding, I honestly get frustrated when people say social media isn’t important or it’s pointless because honestly it’s everything. Social media has become a standard for so many businesses, you just need to have it now days.

In case you didn’t catch the video, here is The Chainsmokers video for #Selfie. Enjoy!



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