Cokes Solution to Social Media Addictions

It’s funny to think that social media can actually be an addiction to people now days, when its existence is still so new. Some argue that people spend so much time on social media that it actually impacts their social skills in real life. That is a little scary to think that some people spend so much time communicating virtually that in real life they can’t function as well.

coke-collar-hed-2014Photo from ADWEEK

If you believe you fall into the category of being a social media addict, never fear Coke-A-Cola is here to save the day. Earlier this week, Coke-A-Cola released a video mocking the amount of time people spend on social media by introducing a fake product called the “social media guard”. Which essentially is a cone shaped dog collar that is Coke red and blocks you from checking your phone every few seconds.  It’s a silly little video that just highlights the fact that people need to put the phone back and see what’s going on in the real world, there might actually be something there worth seeing.

Since the Coke brand has such a “Real-world appeal”, they wanted to create something that could remind people that the real world is just as exciting as a virtual one (if you’re drinking a coke of course).  Some parts of the video actually made me a little more aware of how much people use their phones in social settings. There was a scene of a little girl watching videos of a cat on her phone while her actual cat is sitting in front of her, and another of a dad on his phone at the dinner table with his family. I’m not downplaying the importance of social media in society today; I’m becoming more aware at how much it can become a part of every activity you partake in and that is actually kind of sad.

I think Coke did a good job in really giving its viewers a little reality check of how much time they are spending on social media instead of real life. Everyone should probably become more aware of how much they are using social media and their phones in general so you don’t turn into one of the social media addicts that lack social skills. Put the phone down and enjoy a Coke with some friends, doesn’t that sound fun? Oh and don’t Instagram it, just for Cokes sake.

Here’s the video in case you missed it.


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