Top Tips for PR Success

The Huffington post published a very interesting article online that I really found useful to read and understand. The article was titled “Ron Torossian’s 35 Public Relations Tips for Success”. In this article there were 35 points that Torossian found useful for professionals in the public relations industry as well as anyone in the business industry as well. While all of them are very important to anyone’s success there were a few that I believed were some of the most important tips for PR success.

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 The first tip that I believe is incredibly important to anyone’s success in the PR world is that “PR has been and will always be about building relationships”. This tip is followed by a few lines about how in the old days you only needed to worry about a few beat reporters, columnists, hosts or other key people but today it is all about knowing pretty much everyone. You need to have relationships, connections and hooks in almost every industry, news source or online source that you can in order to be as connected as possible. If you aren’t good at throwing yourself out there and meeting new people while building long lasting relationships with them then this field might not be for you. Another tip Torossian talks about is the importance of networking which is essentially is the same thing, being able to build relationships and being able to connect and communicate effectively with different kinds of people in order to build your network of professionals who could one day be able to help you out.

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 The second major tip that Torossian offers is that “everyone loves a great storyteller-become one”. At the heart of everything a PR person does is being able to write and communicate effectively, in other words telling a story to your audience that will persuade them of something or touch their hearts thus creating the attention and word of mouth you need. He goes on to say that when a good story is written it can motivate a person or group of people to go from being passive about a subject or cause to being a participant or to participate. In other words, being a good writer is something that is a necessity if you want to succeed and do well in this field. Another tip that piggy backs off of this idea is that “News is entertainment”. When you are writing your stories be interesting, entertaining, relevant and exciting in your writing to keep your readers engaged. We are all guilty of reading something until it starts getting boring then moving on to something else so don’t let this be one of your pieces that turns out to be a dud! Use visuals and media to break up long areas of text to keep your readers engaged, people are reported to spend more time looking at something if there is some kind of visual, audio or other media that is there to support what the article is talking about. Don’t be boring in your writing!

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The third tip that I hope everyone already knows is to always “Tell the truth, and do so with clarity, sincerity, and passion”. Telling a little white lie can sometimes turn into something awful when you are least expecting it so always just be honest in your writing or communicating, even if it is boring. You would rather keep your credibility and be a little dull at times rather than tell a lie and get so much media attention on it that at one point someone figures it out that you lied. Therefore making the credibility of you and overall the profession seem slim.

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The last tip that I found extremely important to anyone in the PR or any business field for that matter is not to expect privacy. Privacy really doesn’t exist anymore in our openly social world, so make sure whatever you post is something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed for people to see. No matter if you delete or hide something from your profile, someone can see it, it’s there forever so make sure what you post is worth it. Scary concept isn’t it? No more privacy.



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