Look Around

Public relations is more than just knowing how to write, network and manage social media. It’s also about knowing your market and being aware of things that are going on around you. I always wondered why my teachers insisted on giving us current event quizzes in my PR classes and now I understand the importance behind those.

To be a great public relations practitioner you have to be aware of everything that is going on around you to come across PR opportunities. Whether this is through social media, print media or blogs there are always things people want to know more about or read up on after a big event/movie/game or show.

As we are all aware, social media is taking over the PR world making it easier and easier for a brand or company to get free publicity and become more relevant. This is displayed so much during the Grammys and the Super bowl. During the Grammys there was a tweet from Arby’s that commented on Pharell’s hat that went viral in a matter of minutes. Who even thinks about Arby’s anymore? Are they even still open? These questions were quickly answered by the seizing of a PR opportunity that presented itself during the Grammys.

More recently there were other great opportunities that were taken advantage of from many different companies. One being JC Penny, who tweeted with mittens on during the Super Bowl making everyone think they were drunk with their misspelled and confusing tweets. These tweets however became famous in a matter of minutes, gaining thousands of favorites, retweets and mentions nationwide. JC Penny planned ahead for this PR move but many companies took advantage of JC Penny’s stunt and made it their own like Kia Motors, and Kohls. Kia Motors cleverly responded back to JC Penny asking if they needed a designated driver while Kohls responded back to a tweet with a link to “Texting gloves” that they currently sell in stores.  Both of these companies saw a PR opportunity and took it with no hesitation and that is what is so important about knowing what is going on around you.


Photo taken from PR Newser


Photo taken from AdWeek

When thinking of the Super Bowl there are so many brands, companies and products that don’t come to mind and social media gives everyone and everything an equal opportunity to put themselves out there and be recognized. If the PR and social media moderator for JC Penny, Kohls, Arbys or Kia didn’t know the Super Bowl was on that day, or wasn’t aware the Grammys was being aired a few weeks ago they wouldn’t have gotten the amazing publicity they have been receiving lately. Even Doritos, a major Super Bowl sponsor didn’t miss their time to shine and popped in with another clever tweet, “Slow down JC Penny, have some Doritos.”


Photo Taken from AdWeek

                I won’t be as annoyed when I am presented with a pop current events quiz in class anymore because I have realized how important it is to be up to date on what is going on around me. Not just locally either, it’s important to read up on the news and know what is going on everywhere. There may be things you have never even heard of before that may be interesting or things that could bring about an amazing PR opportunity for you or your company. You just never know.


One thought on “Look Around

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your post. Keeping up-to-date with current events and what’s going on around you and the world will help make connections with people. It’s also good to check out every now and then because being so connected can be draining!

    – Joe

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