Angry Collegians Resort to Twitter

Snow and ice are two things that southerners, especially Texans, don’t know how to deal with. During the Fall 2014 semester the University of North Texas was shut down for about 3 days due to the ice around the area. North Texas students were amazed by the freezing temperatures of 20-30 degrees and were joyous when classes were cancelled. If the students at the University of Illinois heard this story they would either laugh at us or get even angrier at their Chancellor that refused to cancel classes for below zero temperatures.

UIPhoto taken from PR Daily Article

As you would imagine, below zero temperatures aren’t safe or bearable for anyone so you can probably guess how upset the student body was. After the mass statement was released to the student body by Chancellor Phyllis M. Wise the students went crazy.

Students took to social media as fast as the email was being sent out, posting horrible and nasty tweets about the university and especially at Wise. The tweets turned racist and sexist after just a few hours with comparisons like “Phyllis Wise is the Kim Jong Un of chancellors” and “Asians and women aren’t responsible for their actions”.

Multiple hash tags were created in this fury of students and one particularly profane one caught the eye of Buzzfeed writers who wrote an entire article on the event.

It’s absolutely absurd that people feel no remorse in posting things of this nature on social media for anyone to see. You never know who is reading your tweets or who will go back through them later. Maybe your future employer? New love interest? Your parents? I know none of these people would appreciate seeing nasty remarks with a hashtag containing profanity on their feeds.

Twitter is a place for opinions and being able to share emotions about whatever it is you are feeling emotional about but there is a line you should draw. Profanity, racism and sexism is never something that people want to read. Maybe it is if you are in a certain social circle but for the majority of the population nobody wants to interact with a person that posts things of that nature.

I agree with the students of Illinois in that school should have been cancelled with weather like that, but those tweets are doing nothing but projecting negative images of yourself to others.

Moral of the story, while I will be the first one to turn to Twitter to share my opinions, I know there are boundaries regarding what I post online. I hope people realize that what you post online is permanent, and you never know when it can creep back up on you. Even if you delete it.

Share your opinions and engage with others that think different than you but keep it classy, people are reading and following.

 enhanced-buzz-11101-1390802647-7Image taken from Buzzfeed Article


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